Spotify is one of the rapidly growing music streaming platforms currently in the world. However, the streaming service is not accessible in various locations. Such a situation requires one to have a virtual private network (VPN) service to get access to the platform. The steps in this article will enable you to access any streaming site regardless of your geolocation. You will require a VPN software, internet access, and the Spotify software or application.


Firstly, you need a working internet connection. You also need to have a VPN software or application, depending on whether you are using a PC or smartphone. Download Spotify from a third-party site. The reason for conducting a download from a third-party site is that the software is less likely to be available in the app store due to the geolocation restriction. You can easily download the app from various third-party websites that you can find using any search engine.


Before launching the streaming app, set up your VPN service. Different VPN apps work differently; however, there features and functions are almost similar. When setting up your VPN service, make sure to select a nation that has access to Spotify or whichever app you need to access. Your device should provide a notification message signaling that the VPN software is active. If you are using a smartphone, you will notice a small key icon in your phone’s notification bar. Once you identify that the service is active, you can go ahead and launch the Spotify app.

Setting up your account or profile is straightforward. You are required to provide an email address and account details such as username and payment details to pay for subscription features. Confirm your email address as you normally will and log into your Spotify account.

Extra Tips

If you follow the steps above correctly, your Spotify account should be active and ready for streaming. If you are using the non-premium version of the app, you will have limited times that you can skip songs, among other features. Your VPN service cannot give you access to these premium features unless you pay the subscription fee. Also, anytime you restart the app or your smartphone, make sure that the VPN service is always active or your Spotify app will not function. Enjoy!