How to Book Your Band’s Tour

It is a good idea to share important information. The article provides a step-by-step process of how to go about when booking for bands. After deciding what you want and you can tour, it is time you plan when, how, and where. You can even have your bass drum of death tour ready. These are some of the tips to help you.

Decide on a Date Range

It is advisable to start planning at least eight weeks in advance. Remember that booking a tour requires several months of contacting, filling in gaps, and follow-up work. For instance, some venues are booked at least six months out in advance. Also, you require a lot of time to promote, market, and contact the local press.

Choose Your Route

You need to decide on the direction to take. There is a probability that you ought to make a few adjustments along the way. Also, some cities are easier to book as compared to others. Ensure you decide how long you can drive per day. You should note that big cities have a lot of venues to choose from, but most require to pay to play option and are easier to book. It is also a good idea to stick to major highways.

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Start Contacting Venues

You need to start looking for venues along the tour route. There are various websites that can help you for free. Also, you can purchase more details and information from some websites. A lot of promoters like using email, others use Myspace and phone. Moreover, you can contact them through their websites. Whatever it is, you should find out the preference of the promoter and stick to it. Do not use one generic method or message. Remember that there is no venue that cares how good your show is.

Follow Up with Venues

As you know, most promoters are inundated with messages and are always juggling dates, rentals, bands, and other events. Ensure you get a confirmation from them and you are listed on their website. Check whether they need posters mailed to them. Also, you have to check whether they have local media contacts to follow up with.

Back-Up Plan Sometimes things may not go as planned. Thus, you should have a backup plan. If the show does not pan out as required and you want to fill the date, you need to start thinking creatively. You can contact nearby towns and look out for people or hotels that need live music. …