Choosing the Right Thermal Camera

Are you looking for a thermal camera to inspect heavy equipment or troubleshoot your home? Then, you need a reliable, affordable thermal camera. The truth is that thermal cameras can be used for different purposes. For instance, you can find cheap thermal camera designed for industrial, research, and construction applications.

It is quite challenging to get the right thermal camera. That is because the capabilities and specifications for these devices vary. Also, their prices vary. When choosing a thermal camera, you have to determine the important features to look for. This will make the process easier for you. These are the critical features to consider when choosing a thermal imager or infrared camera that suits your needs.

Imager or Camera

seek thermal cameraThis should be the first thing you ought to consider when choosing a thermal camera. When you understand your need for the camera or imager, it becomes easier to decide on what you want. For instance, a thermal imager should offer live temperature readings. However, it does not keep images. You will find a thermal imager to be ideal for discovering hot spots on construction and equipment sites and routine maintenance.

Thermal cameras support image and video storage. Also, it can superimpose the thermal image onto the digital photograph to help identify different issues. Ensure you check whether your device supports WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This feature helps eliminate the need for onboard storage.

Image Resolution

Like a standard camera, the idea behind thermal imaging is to capture the thermal image of a subject or area you want to view. You need to ensure the camera provides an adequate resolution that is sufficient enough to suit your needs. Some cheaper models have a low resolution that makes it challenging to determine the temperature differences.

Screen Size

Consider a thermal camera with a larger screen to allow you to see things in real-time. Cameras and imagers with touchscreen capabilities are easier to use than those that do not have.

Handheld or Smartphone

handheld infrared cameraInfrared thermal cameras can be classified into smartphone thermal cameras or handheld thermal cameras. The good thing about smartphone thermal cameras is that they offer great convenience and value. However, the image resolution and temperature range are limited. Handheld ones are available in different sizes to suit various applications.

Weight and Size

You should note that the weight and size of the thermal imaging camera are quite important. That is the case if you are using this camera frequently or for an extended period.