What You Should Know About LoFi Hip Hop Drum Kit

The LoFi drum kit is used for creating hip hop music. When you look through YouTube and Spotify, you will discover that lofi sound is quite popular. Ideally, it is relaxed, chilled music. If you are a music producer, you can also unlock some lofi drum tracks. The best option is to use the right lofi drum kit.

singingFirst, you need to understand what this drum kit is all about. In fact, it is a huge collection of loops and sounds. Ideally, the kit ought to have drums. The kit does include snares, percussion, and even kicks.Make sure you start by using the sound you like. There is also an opportunity to adjust and tweak sounds to get the desired sound. The following are some of the things you can do with the plugin.

Incorporate Vinyl Sounds

Ideally, you can add vinyl hum to get the form vinyl you want. Moreover, you can even add pop sounds to emulate the lofi sound you want.


Another option is to get gritty sound by adding some compression and distortion. Ideally, you can get a mix you want. Remember that mixing is an art. When you add the two, you get a grittier feel that offers a lofi feeling.

EQ the Sound

In this case, you have to run several filters. Ideally, low and the high pass is necessary. It is advisable to cut out low ends and high ends to get lofi sound.


Most producers begin with stock sounds. The good thing about stock sounds is that they are bright and crisp. Therefore, they may be a bit harsh when compared to analog sounds. As a result, you need to round the harshness and brightness to get a warm feel.

music notesIf you are new to lofi drum kits, you may find it difficult to describe the lofi sound. Some of the words that describe lofi sound include warm, dusty, vinyl, punchy, and analog. With a lofi drum kit, it does not matter your programming prowess; you will always have lofi sound. Remember that lofi sound is chilling and relaxing. However, that does not mean you cannot play with your melodies, chords, and drums.