Frequently Asked Questions about Drones

In recent days, flying drones is rapidly gaining popularity and developing into a passion among many individuals. The number of drone enthusiasts keeps on growing with more and more people buying drones each day. Commercial production of drones has also gone up, and now we have numerous drone types that exist in various shapes and sizes.

As the number of people buying drones keeps going up, so is the troubles associated with the drones. This has become a huge challenge to drone enthusiasts with more and as more questions regarding drones keeps on coming up. If you are planning to buy an amazing drone like the X Tactical Drone, you need to know everything there is to know about drones.

In this article, we look at some of the FAQs about drones.

What is a drone?

a drone being remotely controlledA drone, which is also referred to as an autonomous aerial vehicle, is an aircraft that can be controlled without a pilot having to be physically present in it. They can be remotely controlled from the ground using a controller device that communicates with the drone via radio.

Drones are mainly used for surveillance or delivering essential supplies to areas that seem inaccessible, but the commercially available ones are only used for leisure activities. They are usually powered with batteries.

Where can I fly drones?

drone in use in agricultureFlying drones can be a fun activity, but also it can land you into trouble if you break the drone flying restrictions. Because drones can be remotely operated, they might be used in ways that can hurt people. As a result, there are restrictions on where and how you can fly your drone.

For instance, in the US, a drone being flown for recreational purposes is not supposed to go 400ft above the ground. At the same time, the drones should not be flown anywhere near the airports. For the less restricted operations, drones should not carry weights exceeding 25kgs.

How big is a drone?

The size of drones varies greatly with some small to the extent of fitting in the palm while others large like a conventional aircraft. However, those that are commercially available for leisure activities are smaller and do not weigh for more than 25kgs.

What are some common features of drones?

drone for recreation with a cameraWhat makes drone flying a fun activity is some of the amazing features they come with. Taking aerial photographs or videos can now easily be made with the assistance of drones.

Depending on the drone type and the cost, the drones have exciting features like high definition cameras for photos and videos, automatic obstacle avoidance, and GPS navigation.